Pendicon Phama and health Care

Executive Sparring

Access 15 years of pharma experience

If you need a second opinion on an important business topics, Pendicon contributes to your bottom line as external sparring partner for your employees and yourself in personal meetings, at business presentations, workshops and business reviews.

Regulatory and Reimbursement Strategies

Pendicon reviews and analyzes your regulatory application strategy and provides input to optimization of arguments and documentation.

Evaluation of Business Plans

Pendicon analyzes and evaluates your business plan for your product or therapeutic area in order to identify areas for improvement and strengthening.

Optimization of Your Organization

Pendicon contributes with a helicopter view on your organization to secure that the individual functions becomes an integrated part of the optimal team.

Merger, Acquisition or Reorganization

Pendicon contributes with extensive experience from reorganization and mergers to assist you in avoiding the worst pitfalls.

The Devil's Advocate

With a critical analytical approach Pendicon asks the critical questions within a number of activities including regulatory applications, marketing material, crisis communication, physical security, product plans, organizational structures etc.

Interim Management

Pendicon performs interim management for shorter or longer periods of time, thereby securing that your permanent staff can focus on their core functions.


Based on extensive experience with people management and talent development combined with in-depth knowledge of the pharmaceutical industry, Pendicon provides a high quality mentoring function for your talents.

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