Pendicon Phama and health Care

Who are we?

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Pendicon ApS er etableret i 2009 af læge og civiløkonom Kjartan Bjerre-Christensen.

Pendicon Pharma & Health Care was established in 2009 by Kjartan Bjerre-Christensen, MD, BBA.

Educational background

Kjartan Bjerre-Christensen is a Medical Doctor, Bachelor of Business Economics and Officer of the Reserve.

Job experience

2009-CEO and Owner of Pendicon Pharma & Healthcare

2007-2008CEO - Transmedica-group (www.transmedica.dk, www.spenshult.se)

2002-2007Medical Director - Pfizer Denmark

1993-2002Medical Director - MSD Denmark

1992-1992CRA – MSD Denmark

1990-1991Clinician, Herlev University Hospital

Top Management

Development of strategic plans

Development of operating plans based on strategic plans

Planning and implementation of restructuring activities in connection with mergers and turnarounds

Development and implementation of processes for efficiency improvements

Extensive experience with internal and external risk management

Professional competencies

In-depth insight into political-economical decision making processes in the Danish Health Care Sector

Extensive experience with lobbying activities and interaction with public and private decision makers

Solid knowledge of rules and regulations relevant for the pharmaceutical industry

Experience with organizational development and downsizing

Experience as Chairman/Member of Company Boards


Specialist Competencies

Significant experience within the pharmaceutical business with special emphasis on

Market access (reimbursement, formularies mv.)

Coordination of pre-marketing activities

Risk management (e.g. processes for Interaction with Health Care Professionals)

Medical Affairs

Medical communication and information

Supervision of Health Economic activities

Clinical operations

Regulatory Affairs and Pharmacovigilance

Experience with development  and maintenance of quality management systems, incl. ISO9000


People Interaction

Strong communication skills in groups and person-to-person

Significant experience with training and education

Extensive participation in European and Global Task Forces and Teams


People Management

Robust experience with management of knowledge based employees

Significant experience with developing high performing teams

Extensive experience as sponsor/coach for cross-functional teams

Significant experience with change management in connection with downsizing and restructuring



A full CV is available from

Pendicon ApS Phone: (+45) 45 95 13 50